iDoodle2 lite App Reviews

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Please update

My phone has been updated and I was gonna draw one day, but it said that this app has to be updated and I was so mad

Super boring and bad

It's so boring I can't even upload my pics it's just no waste of a time ❌👎🏻🙄


Can't upload images 👎🏼

Don't work

Ok we'll I wanted a app that actually worked but this one DOES NOT its a waste of gigs or whatever




Too many little flaws


_ I have had it up to. Here with this freakin app it freezes,does the opposite color I ask it to do,and wene I press line it does oval!!!! Please fix these bugs!! Also please please please make it so that I can use my own picture as the background


Great way to kill time


I love this app and it IS BETTER then doodle buddy


It was fun at first, but then it stopped working after a while.

Don't like it

There should be more than just geometric shapes. Doodle buddy is better. Don't really like it


I'm not too good but I've gotten way better . The daily doodle keeps me drawing hoping my doodle will get picked ! It does crash sometimes but if you load it back up my drawing is still there all I have to do is close the main menu . NEEDS feature where you can save your replay to your camera roll ! That'll be great .   


It's ok but not as good as doodle buddy

Love it so much!

Best app ever I ever got!


There is a eraser and I have so much fun drawing with this. So far I've been drawing bride of Chucky. :D


It's fun if you want to draw in the car or if you don't wanna draw on paper but it's also kinda confusing on how to fill things.

Erase'in prob.

Hey is there an erase button probably will need that n kinda hope this app doesnt crash thanks!!

Luv this app

Free and fun! I enjoy using it a lot!

good but it crashes!

it was good when I didn't use it as much but since I started to taking more time with my drawings it began to froze and then it crashes itself and I tried to opened it but couldn't anymore.. hope they fix it!!!


A bit simple, but for a free app, pretty nice. However, the "Daily Doodle" is more of an "Almost-Daily Doodle" and it bothers me :/ otherwise a nice app.

Good While it lasted

I can't even open it now, it just crashes as soon as it opens

Locks up!!

This app was really great....until every time I tapped it, it would lock up, and then it would go back to my home screen. I used to love this app, but now I am going to have to find a different app to draw on. :(


The only thing is it shouldn't be called "daily doodle" where you submit your drawings because they are only picked like once a weekso please pick doodles every day! I enjoy seeing them and people would have a better chance of thier drawings being chosen

More colors

Needs more colors!!!

It's just amazing

I love this app zoo much. I download new apps all the time, and this one is so simple but so much fun. I never have problems with this app, IMO it's near perfect

No no no!

This app Is jerky and makes sharp edges when I try to make soft curves :( Fix the problem!

Problems w/ iOS4

I had this app on my iPhone 3g, but when I moved it to my iPhone 4, the response was very jerky, and it's difficult to manipulate the brush.

Great when it works....and doesn't crash

So I gave this app 5 stars a long time ago but that has to change....the CRASHING problem still EXISTS after all that time!!!! I'm art student in college and this really great but I hate the fact that I could e working on a drawing and BLAM, I'm at the home screen and drawing is deleted, sooooo frustrating

Awesome art app!!

This is the best drawing app I have ever downloaded! Thanks!


It all went well! All I have to do is save it once I draw something new every time. So say I draw another building, I'm gonna save it and keep going because all of a sudden it'll bring you to your main screen! Just do that and it'll be a five star!!!!


Good but it crashes too much


This drawing app is the most easy and most loving app in the history of drawing!!! You got to get this app!!


ewwww itss 2 confussinngggg

one of the BEST drawing apps out there!!

i absolutly LOVE this app!!! and i recommend it highly!!! its easy to use, you can save it to ur library, set it as ur wallpaper, and so many more!!! its great!!! <3 5 STARS


Hours of creativity and fun right here…… just 1 suggestion… let us import saved photos so we can draw on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This app is sooooo much FUN!! I love coloring.... Or drawing!!!

Lol fun

Well this will be fun when I'm bored so I guess it's cool w/we

I need some help...

First of all, I need some help... I'm not really good at drawing with my finger...does anyone know of something kind of small and pencil-shaped that my iPod would feel? Knitting needles are too skinny, it knows it isn't a finger. Also, I need it to not scratch my screen protecter. Secondly... The flood tool is like a bucket of paint on most drawing programs, the thing is you have to slightly swipe the area you want to color. Hope this can someone help me? Also, for the developers, the RGB colors should have input boxes so you can type in numbers instead of using the slider...those little circles are kinda hard to move!


It's a lot of fun, but it froze my iPod when I clicked something. Other than that, it's great!!!

Awesome app Josiah!!!

Awesome app Josiah!!! Your friend Nathan denni

The examples r great! Congrats 2 the creators!!! (;

AMAZING!!!! (;


I used to have this app and I loved it. Now it requires the 3.0 update. Now i'm sad.:(

Awesome! No problems!

I love this app! It never crashes, it always saves my work (even after I close the app!) there is absolutely nothing wrong with this app! 10 stars!!!


It's getting old yeah it was fun 4 a little while but it is getting boring

Good if it didn't crash

I loved this app for the first 5 minutes but then it crashed. I restarted but it still keeps on crashing! I would give it 5 stars if not for that.

good except.......

its agood app exept that i made a reslly awesome pic that took 4ever to make and i waz almost done and i somehow fot sent back to the iPod main menu and the pic got deleted! Plz fix that. (make that when u go out of the app 4 abut that ur pic can b saved)

LoVe iT

So fun just remember to save!!!!!!!!


At first it was a really good game but after a few opening-the-app, it wouldn't open up anymore no matter how many times you start the app!!! Other than that this app was fun.


When you change colors it won't change, stupid and hard to control.

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